teriyaki.jpg As any true Livermoron knows, our fair city has too few places to dine. When hungry, we scratch our heads and contemplate whether to hit McDonalds or Carl's Jr. Or, if we want to go out... well, the choices are Applebee's or Chevy's... or perhaps Chilli's.

Sounds like I'm whining about nothing, but after the zillionth quesadilla, it's enough to make me want to stop eating. Period.

Wait, I didn't say that. I love eating.

So, when a new restaurant comes to town, Jon and I always give it a try. And finally, FINALLY, we found one that we hope will stay. The Shibuya Grill is excellent. Simple, basic, delicious food. Teriyaki bowls, rice and beef (my fave) or chicken, carrots... the place has made me enjoy broccoli. That says something, huh Mom?

The restaurant's owner is in almsot every day, supervising and making sure his customers are well taken care of and that his food is perfectly prepared.

Give it a shot, friends. Vasco Road. Shibuya Grill . It's refreshing. It's yummy. And it's in Livermore!