ChickenQuesadilla.jpg I've been attempting to watch what I eat. And it was working. But working at the mall makes it hard. Junk is everywhere! Dancing hotdogs on sticks, plump pretzels, Cinnabon (no other word comes close to describing the euphoria that is Cinnabon)... what's a girl to do with only 15 minutes to gobble something down so that her growling stomach doesn't scare the customers away?
Well, today Jon met me for my half-hour dinner and we hit Baja Fresh. I figured... Mexican food had to be better than the carb-loaded, frosting-slathered, deep-fried goodness of the other options. How wrong was I?

Steak quesadilla. That's what I ordered. And it wasn't until I got home tonight, jumped onto the Baja Fresh website, that I discovered how deep that one quesadilla had plunged me into the hole of unhealthiness. One thousand four hundred forty calories. No joke. It's time to swath myself in black and mourn the day's worth of food I can't have because I ate it tonight at dinner. Go ahead, laugh and point, I deserve it.

I hadn't counted on the fact that I can never eat anything yummy ever again while watching my diet. An important fact if you ask me. But nobody did ask me. Not even me. From now on Baja Fresh is out, too. So are McDonald's, Burger King, California Pizza Kitchen... basically every place at the mall. And I'm being forced into vegetarianism! Incredible. I swore I'd never restrict my diet to things that spring green from the ground.

Okay, I've whined about this enough. After all, I've been exercising. I get enough sleep. And today I bought a beautiful dress that I've wanted for ages... it was finally on sale and at a discount. Fabulous day, really. Hmmmmmm... so now this blog has become a giver of perspective. How multifunctional. Time for bed.