rockwellkidssunset.jpg Free time. It's something I have longed for, begged for, prayed for, wished for... something I'd forgotten. And yet, once school was out for the term, I found myself falling head over heels into a lot of it. Naturally I had studying to do. Naturally there was some catching up with friends. But in my free time I blogged here, wrote poetry, luxuriated in my pajamas in the middle of the day, didn't answer my phone and ate bon bons (Snackwells Devil's Food cookies... just this side of cardboard, but I'm learning to love 'em).
I also had a surge of creative energy that tested the boundaries of language. Rather than writing, I took a stab at a more visual art form. No paints or crayons required... I used the painting tool on my computer to see what came of my imagination when utilizing a whole new medium. What resulted surprised me. (No, the artwork shown is not mine. Norman Rockwell, my favorite artist, captured the ideal of youth so well in "Sunset"... it makes me think of Jon and me. Awwwwwww...) I found a niche and played with it, discovering all sorts of surprising ideas tucked away within me.

I'm a big fan of artists like Norman Rockwell and my mother-in-law, Debbie, who capture every suble detail, making everything look more than real... what I came up with during my stint as an artist didn't look anything like anything . Yet I was proud, and I am proud. Go me! Princeton University defines an artist as one whose creative work shows sensitivity and imagination. I tried.

circles and squares.jpg "Candy Store"

circles.jpg "Baby Talk" (oh, but 'baby fish mouth' is sweeping the nation!)

thick squares.jpg "Ball Park"

pretty shapes 2.jpg "Daisies" (my favorite)

rockwell.jpg So... this is what I looked like during my free time. Just kidding. I'm no Narcissus. And yet I keep this blog... like everyone else is sitting on the edge of their seat, holding their breath until I let them know what I think and feel and do. "Audrey said the funniest thing today!" *sigh* I know, I am funny. But I'll try not to flaunt it. Instead I will put up this gallery of my self-termed "art" and hope no one went tomato shopping today. Ugh. Just thought of a funny Bob Hope joke... I'm laughing aloud. But you had to be there. Alas, no one will ever understand what goes on inside my head. Perhaps it looks something like some of my artwork.