sad_bunny.jpg I have been informed that the clerical workers' union at UC Davis has authorized a two-day strike beginning tomorrow. My sociology teacher is a grad student and the grad student union honors all other unions' strikes. Long story short... I don't have a final tomorrow. The good news is that I don't have to leave at 6am to get to my 8am final. The bad news is that I've been studying for this and now it's been a total waste of time. Whatever.
Jon left for DC this morning. Oh sadness setting in. I miss him. A lot. And I had an English final today that went really well. I miss Jon. Oh, apparently still thinking about that. Bummer. Amy is coming over in a few minutes to cheer me up. Hope it works. I think I'll watch a chick flick... eat some ice cream.
When I can think of something better to write about... I will.