halo2.jpg Even with only 8 months of marriage under my belt, I've already noted the importance and significance of compromise. Tonight Jon wanted to play Halo with some buddies. I wanted to watch Gilmore Girls. Hmmmm... which is more important.

Well, I decided in an uncharacteristically Solomonic moment, Gilmore Girls can be Tivo-ed... "the guys" cannot. So Jon traipsed over to the Youd house, and I logged onto our own Xbox and joined their party via the internet.

Little did they know, I'm not terrible at Halo 2. In fact, since Jon and I have played together several times in the last couple of months, I've become a fair player.

I think what spurred me on most (beyond the obvious birth of my skill) were the comments I heard through the headphones:

"Dude, stop chasing me."
or, my favorite, directed at Jon:
"Tell you wife to stop picking on me!"

So, the evening was well spent after all. In fact, I think I ended up doing better than Jon (Don't be mad, sweetie. You're a very good Halo player.) I did well, and the girls of Stars Hollow are waiting for me on the Tivo.