fair.jpg April is over and May is here! Thank goodness. I love the big blue sky, tiny white clouds, flower-covered hillsides. The warm spring breezes helped ease me up to Davis today. I almost didn't mind the drive. (Almost!)

May is also the perfect month for love. Love comes easily in the spring. So much more energy is floating around in the air, fresh like daisies bouncing in the sun.

These pictures were taken at the fair in Pleasanton two years ago. The way we felt then is the way we feel now. We're blessed. I hope that everyone can find and then revel in love like this.

The month of May can be described in terms of flowers or rainbows or fresh summer breezes... almost anything happy and warm can be applied to May. Jon has labeled this article "fluff". And he has turned up his nose at such silliness. But I maintain that even silliness helps to describe May. All winter long we huddle under layers of bulky clothing, we let our hair grow long to cover our necks, we eat more than we should as a response to an innate but archaic survival instinct.

Then May dawns and she brings the sun out with her. We should shed our clothes (not all, but a respectable amount) and dance in the streets! We should frolick in meadows of brand new flowers, and we should all fall head over heels into love.

So, in answer to my own question posed in the title of this entry: MAIS OUI!