"Jackson wouldn't want to go topless in France."

No one is arguing. Topless? At work? No, on the beach. Oh, much more appropriate. True.

gilmoregirls.jpg For anyone who does not watch the show (females, you should! males, just roll your eyes and enjoy the zany randomness of it all) the rest of this might not make sense to you. YaYas read on and learn what I thought about this week's "fresh" episode.

Logan might be cute, smart, funny, and rich... but he's too much of a juvenile delinquent for me. I mean, the Life or Death Brigade thing, snatching a trinket from a wealthy person's home and replacing it with the last thing he stole, sorta funny. He's twenty-one. Whatever. But to do it at Richard and Emily's? Even with all that aside, he didn't even stand up like a man to save the poor unfortunate maid!

So Logan is a loser.

Emily is a mean old witch.

Richard is a cute old guy.

Luke is perfect for Loralai, as usual. And I looooove that house he wants to buy. How adorable!

Onto Rory. This girl may be intelligent, but she's not really proving it in her current situation. "Coffee? It's decaf." Chasing that arrogant schmuck around the newsroom. Paris is making more sense than she is. And not calling Logan out, or at least stopping him from being immature... maybe the writers wanted to keep her from being such a goody goody. It's working.

And now a sad note about Loralai. This is the first week I haven't made my now infamous "I love her; I want to be her." remark as I watched. She just sat there and let her parents walk all over her. She just sat there. Very un-Loralai-like. Someone needs to find the writers and smack each and every one of them upside their heads.

On the bright side, the dialog was cute. Loved the opening with the little, circular, spinny vaccum cleaner, too. Ah, I suppose the episode has been redeemed a bit. But they sure as heck better come back strong next week.

Or... else! (Angry fist of rage!)