sweaters.jpg Never in my life have I folded more sweaters! Tonight I worked after closing at Banana Republic . You'd think folding would be simple enough to handle, even hour after hour. But I'm here to tell you that you're wrong. Folding isn't simple, it's mind-numbingly boring. And when store policy includes a "folding board" on which every single item of clothing myst be folded to perfection, the whole process is frusterating, too!

Enough complaining. After all, once I got home Jon made dinner for me. And, though I had to put up with a few of his "are you ready to do some of our laundry now" jokes... the evening turned out to be relaxing.

We watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding . The movie is hilarious. I love watching the interplay between the Greek families. Oh, the culture!

I wish I could say more. But I haven't the energy. Too much standing and folding, and refolding, and folding some more. Tonight I will surely dream of perfect creases, smoothed fabrics, piles of evenly stacked SWEATERS!