Believe it or not, I'm not the only expat in Norway who likes to blog about how cool and challenging this relocated life is. In fact, Norway has a very healthy, active population of expat bloggers. Before Jonathan and I decided to move overseas, I followed a handful of them religiously, not knowing then that I would one day join their ranks, providing daily, personal insight about life halfway around the world.

Only part my blog is dedicated to Norway and all its quirks. But there are several excellent all-Norway-all-the-time expat blogs that you should check out, too!


An Expat's Norway : A very French girl from El Salvador (with a wicked sense of humor) "thinks out loud" about daily life in a Scandinavian country. Now, I'm also friends with this funny, bright, gutsy girl, but I can say unequivocally that, when she posts, the info about expat life in Norway is accurate and relevant. WARNING: Don't drink anything while you read, unless you're a natural at the spit-take.


A New Life in Norway : These Brits have a long history in Norway, and their advice is invaluable! When I need to know something, I start here. Not only do they have great posts on the language, but they aren't afraid of whimsy (writing about trolls, etc.), and the topics evolve as their life does, too. If you're planning a move to Norway, subscribe immediately!


Life in Norway : There are few more dedicated, enthusiastic bloggers in Norway. Stavanger, Oslo, Trondheim, he covers it all. And I know he's got some exciting things in store for another expat website, , full of excellent resources for those moving/living abroad, as well.


My Little Norway : An Aussie/Norwegian couple providing desperately needed insight into all sorts of Scandinavian idiosyncrasies. They've lived all over the country. One of their most popular posts is How to Get a Job in Norway, but their topics run the full spectrum, from dog sledding to traditional Norwegian recipes. It's a blog useful to tourists and expats alike.


The Oslo Eye : One of the first English blogzine's in Norway. The focus is on value, where to eat and what to see and do. I've written a couple of arts pieces for them when Jennifer Egan and David Vann visited Oslo's Litteraturhuset.


Northern Natterings : Corinne is a California girl living in Oslo with her Norwegian husband and adorable dachshund, and she tells it how it is. When Norway annoys her, we know about it. When it makes her heart burst into song, we hear that, too. And the good news is that she's funny either way. She was the first blogger I followed before I moved over, and I'm proud to now call her my dear friend, too.