Sleighbells ring. Are you listening? No? Perhaps only I can hear them. I do live in Norway, so, sleighbells could mean it's Christmas time, or it could mean that the roads are too icy for cars, and the locals have switched over to their Sami-driven teams of reindeer in order to get to work, all decked out in bells. (Kidding! That doesn't actually happen here. Though some locals cross-country ski to work. Crazies.)

Let's pretend it's as simple as the former.

Happy Holidays, Season's Greetings, and Merry Christmas, dear readers!



This year, it was Disney's turn to pen the message. ( Crypto used our card last year to send an SOS to PETA. Not really in keeping with the season, wouldn't you say?)

I'm love mailing Christmas cards. It feels like a good way to keep in touch, even in this hyper-digitized age. Just a sentimental, snail mail reminder that I love and miss people. This has become even more important since our overseas move. "Missing" people has taken on a new meaning. There are folks, friends and family, who I "lack." It hurts. And even though I keep an active blog, Facebook timeline, Twitter feed, and website, there is still a teensy, old fashioned part of me that worries I'll be forgotten... when the lights are low, the candles are lit, the presents are glistening under the trees, the carols are sung, the turkey is carved, and the visions of sugarplums begin to dance.

While life in my hometown goes on, Jonathan and I will be spending our second Christmas in Norway. It's a wonderful time of year here, full of beauty and tradition. This year we're trying pinnekj√łtt or the first ime. And when the weather outside turns frightful, we'll be pulling the covers up around our ears and staying put. Together. Waiting for Santa. (And since he's practically our next door neighbor, it shouldn't be long now!)