Readers! I've got good news... In August I was hired as an Editorial Assistant by Adventum , a literary magazine specializing in creative nonfiction, with an emphasis on wilderness and outdoor adventures, as well as nature-inspired Haiku. It's the perfect fit for me, and I'm proud to be part of the publication.

Along with reading submissions for the upcoming issue of Adventum , I also co-author The Adventum Blog . I urge you to swing by and subscribe today! By following The Adventum Blog, you'll receive book reviews, publication announcements for our many talented authors, contest information, and some creative work, too.

Whenever I post something new on The Adventum Blog, I'll include a link here, as well. Just in case you want to read more of me!


Spotlight: West with the Night (26 Sept 2012)

The book that made me want to live a life worth writing about.

In 1942, Beryl Markham had more than a few harrowing tales to tell. She published her memoir West with the Night to share them with the world. Raised in Africa, a continent still shrouded in a kind of dreadful mystery to the rest of the world, Markham had trained race horses and survived a lion attack, but most intriguing of all was her time as a pilot. Continue reading...

For the Love of a Travel Notebook (13 Sept 2012)

An offering in favor of Moleskine's City Series from a writer/traveler.

The writer's notebook. Tucked away in pocket, backpack, or purse, it's a longstanding tradition. And while technology may press to replace the ubiquitous writer's notebook with something far more-er-digital, I can't give in yet. I have too much nostalgia for the medium used by my predecessors and heroes: Hemingway, Muir, Jan Morris and Beryl Markham. These folks traveled, absorbed the landscapes around them, and wrote. Right there in the wild. And I strive to do the same. Continue reading...

Spotlight: Wild (3 Sept 2012)

My review of Cheryl Strayed's wilderness memoir, Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail

Wild begins with a mistake. Cheryl Strayed loses a boot in the prologue. "A brown leather Raichle boot with red lace and silver metal clasps" catapults through the air and gone over a cliff. Mid-trail. Many miles from people or a phone or any hope of a replacement boot. This is a potentially injurious screw-up, and it is laughably terrible. That Strayed would open her story with such an error must be intentional. It sets the tone. Continue reading...