woven.jpg When the World was less than nothing, God was sovereign. He set Time in its track and knows the length of its course. Creation of the living and the non-living, emotions and intentions, all of these He conceived first. Nothing, no one, is outside of His absolute domain.

Do I allow this consideration to affect my forethought regarding my government, my finances, my marriage, my potential children, my job...?

Ideally, I suppose I should spend more time considering the overall advancement of God's will when it comes to each of these important aspects of my life. But I also believe that His case will be advanced even if I choose merely to take an active stance in these areas according to my own basic needs.

That may sound selfish or even lazy, but God is the Master Chess Player here. He would sacrifice a Pawn for a Bishop in order to maintain His purpose, but this has nothing to do with the ranking of the pieces. Rather, I know He would likewise sacrifice a Bishop for a Pawn if the greater plan for both was still to be achieved.

I wake each morning intent upon living up to my own standards. These standards are usually in line with what I believe God expects of me. But I allow myself some liberality. I make choices based on morals, values, even commandments if necessary. If I am placed somewhere in need of a witness, or placed with someone in need of prayer - I try to respond accordingly. However, if I walk away, oblivious to such a situation or feeling ill equipped, I do not doubt that there is another person choosing and weaving in my wake... filling the necessary gap. Completing the braid.

I will be utilized, if that's the plan. I will live on, regardless.

My path, my purpose and my conclusion are already known. I can breathe easily and operate within these parameters. After all, one of the best parts of this world He gave us is the fact that the parameters of will, my own or anyone else's, are unseen. I believe my will is free because all signs point to it.

As two roads diverge in a yellow wood, I am allowed to acknowledge myself as a single traveler making a choice. I am legitimately sorry I cannot travel both. I can peer, consider and then move down the road less traveled by.

Though He flicked our globe and set it spinning, and watched outside of Time, and has a fingerprint on my every thought and choice... through all of this, I perceive my choices as my own.