snowing_02.jpg It is snowing! In Livermore!

Jon and I had just finished watching The March of the Penguins (which is wonderful and real... and made me cry) when we glanced out the window and saw the big, fluffy snowflakes floating down through the darkness. Of course we immediately grabbed the nearest coats and scarves, the camera, and we ran out into our little street. I danced under the streetlamp with my hands out, relishing the icy droplets as they sprinkled all over me. How amazing! Jon snapped pictures. It's blurry, but it's true... SNOW!

The irony is that we'd been looking forward to a weekend at a friend's cabin with a group of our pals. A snuggly weekend in the mountains, where we'd definately see snow. But today, because of the wild weather, our hosts (wisely) called off the trip. Soon roads were being closed because of the snow, the wind, the lightening.

Jon and I were bummed. We'd wanted a relaxing, cozy weekend surrounded by snow.

Tonight our wish came true. And when we stood in the frozen, still night air and touched our cold noses together (in a very penguin-like gesture of love), it all felt very much like a miracle.