summer_fun_2.jpg Bright, beautiful summer... we all love it. Over the years Life Magazine has covered some of those classic, happy summer moments. Here photographer Nat Farbman caught the wonder of children as they experience sparklers. Monroe, Washington 1954 . I love the expressions, awe and intrigue. And that's a look I love seeing on adults, too, each Fourth of July. Looking through the pages of was so much fun. Summer images as only professional photographers in the forties and fifties could do 'em.

summer_fun_3.jpg New Jersey, 1953. Photographer Margaret Bourke-White. The George Washington Bridge, one I've never crossed (but I will when I come to it... HAH!), is inspiring patriotism for every crossing car. A huge flag, big big big red, white and blue! Maybe it's the weather, or the influx of prominantly displayed American flags, but summer seems to bring a surge of national pride. Plus, summer vacation means travel! When I was a little girl my dad would take the three-month opportunity to show my brothers and me the wonders of America. We loved it! Driving along those interstates, cities and fields whipping past the windows, playing travel bingo and the license plate game! That's the stuff memories are made of. Thank goodness summer re-opens the open road.

summer_fun_4.jpg Dallas, Texas, 1947. Photographer Cornell Capa. Our state fair is a great state fair! Don't miss it; don't even be late! Hmmmmm... the art exhibit, farm animal competition, 4-H Projects, funnel cakes and lemonade, creaky rides, twinkle lights, carnival games, gold fish in little plastic water-filled bags, walking with the one you love linked at the hands... state fairs are the best! Although here I am going to interject a slightly gross, but hysterical story.
Jon took me to a fair last year to see a Destruction Derby. While I will skip the exciting car on car action of that adventure, after we had a winner Jon and I took a stroll around the fairgrounds to enjoy all the cheesy fun. At the 4-H area we stopped to look at the cute l'il bunnies in their stacked cages. As I was petting an itty bitty one, I heard Jon give a yell. Instinctively I jumped back. And thank God! Because a gargantuan rabbit up top was letting out a big stream of pee! It got my shoe, but if I hadn't moved it would have been a shower! Oh, the fun of state fairs. Hah!

summer_fun_1.jpg Santa Monica, California, 1950. Photographer Ralph Crane . This couple found a great way for some alone time at the popular California beach. Another great thing about summer is its reintroduction of beachtime fun! Now, being me, the beach isn't a place to tan. But it's a fabulous place to build sandcastles, go shell-seeking, read on a big, fluffy beach towel (while completely slathered with sunscreen, wearing a big hat, laying under an umbrella), watch Amy surf... I love the beach! Plus, I've never dug a hole this big. Impressive!
Anyway, I'm so loving summer! Ain't it grand how it happens to come around every year?! Just think of the Beach Boys and smile.