ipods.jpg I've been working a lot in the last couple of days. Since the beginning of my 8 hour shift on Friday I have sold $3500 worth of clothing. Jon spent his day sans me playing a new Xbox game. When he picked me up tonight his first comment was, "I don't get anything done when you're not around. I don't like it." Interesting day, though long. Thankfully it started with breakfast at the kitchen table with my husband. And it ended smoothly enough... thanks to a little guy who I call my "hero".

Today at work I saw an old friend, Nancy, the Occupational Therapist who worked with one of the little boys I helped out last summer, I had lunch at Baja Fresh (yummy quesadilla... but I'm paying for it with a tummy ache now), I helped a cross-dressing man purchase three dresses and a lovely "layering piece" (looked, walked and talked like a man... but all in hot pink high heels). Sometimes the last few hours of my shift begin to do strange things to my mind, everything is "accessories" or "complimentary colors" or "flattering fits"! Ahhhhhhh! Who will save me???

*singing* I can be your hero, baby!*singing*

No, it's not the cross-dresser. It's my beautiful pink Ipod mini. I love my iPod. Tonight as we closed the store I had it with me, like a little pet in my pocket, playing my favorite music (loud enough to drown out the terrible musack Banana has streaming through the store all the time... songs I am horrified to find playing in my dreams!!!!). It was a Christmas present from Jonathan, one of the best ever because I'd wanted it so very badly! He had it personalized, too, so on the back it says "Sperky"... his nickmame for me. Again, iPods rock!

I'm working tomorrow as well, and then hopefully I'll be able to pal around with the Yayas a bit (especially since Cindy is the proud new owner of a beautiful pink iPod mini! yay! we're like twins!). But for now I desperately need some sleep and an allergy pill. Bring on the holiday weekend!