spring_cleaning.jpg On Tuesday I opted to take a day for myself. I'm scheduled to work every day this week that I'm not in school, plus Saturday and Sunday. And our house was beginning to look like a disaster! I needed to keep house. So all day I cleaned. Every room of the house (including Jon's office... which was on the verge of being condemned) was scrubbed and vaccumed to perfection! It's beautiful! And I felt so productive at the end of the day. A good day.

Then my evening was free to be spent with my husband. I felt very wifely. It's still new to me, this idea of being "the woman of the house". Now, maybe Jon has cooked dinner the last two nights in a row, (The man is a gourmet! I love love love mac&cheese;&hotdogs;!), but I keep this place clean. Hah! Even after the wild Ya-Ya party on Thursday. I don't want to scare anyone (*cough* Dad *cough*), but our bathroom was in dire need of cleaning. Not anymore. I'll be accepting my gold stars/brownie points any day now. Thank you.