smile.jpg Today Jon had his dentist appointment. Lucky duck. Thankfully it went a lot better than his previous appointment 6 months ago. After avoiding the dentist like the plague... he discovered that he had only succeeded in plauguing his teeth. Hah! (Pun definitely intended.) So now he takes better care of them, and he goes to the dentist.

At the dentist's office he learned that he had kept his teeth out of harm's way for 6 full months, and that my blog entry about my own dentist appointment had been given to Gerry, my favorite hygienist, through Cheryl. Did you all know that I'm funny? Just thought I'd pass the word around.

I, in the mean time, was at work. And I learned all sorts of new things. In fact, something very cool happened. I spent quite a while helping a young lady buy a blouse over the phone. After walking her through the complicated process, making her laugh, ending in victory... she asked to speak to my manager. Hmmmmm. That can't be good, right? But it was. She sang my praises for several minutes. And then my manager passed her words of encouragement and thanks onto me. Yay! I also doubled my goal for the day. Impressivo!