I am egg.
I am shell, white, yolk. I am fertilized.
I am haven. I am universe.

I am holding on. I am necessary. I am perpetual.
I am passing the time and counting down, but also keeping a record of these moments.
I am the only one who can feel her.

I am feeder. I am breeder.
I am cliché. I am tradition.
I am gene pool.
I am eternal.

I am quiver, oyster, envelope, compass.
I am a planter box. I am prairie.

I am heavy.
I am round.
I am passed over by the eyes of strangers.
I am envied. I am scorned.
I am offered chairs.

I am strong.

I am limited in my range of motion.
I am limited in the range of what I can eat and drink.
I am thirsty.

I am whole. I am hopeful.
I am two hearts, two brains, two tongues.
I am singing to her in the shower.
I am reading to her from my favorite books.
I am nesting.

I am sleeping, if miserably.
I am unsure of my footing and pausing on the stairs to breathe.
I am daunted.

I am undaunted.
I am full of dreams. I am peaceful.

I am aquarium. I am marsupial.

I am doing nothing new in the history of womankind.
I am doing everything new in the history of me.

I am lost in thought, forgetful.
I am attuned to the emotions of the children of others.
I am aware of my own mother's sacrifices.

I am brave. I am dependent.

I am lusting after my husband. I am dormant volcano.
I am potential energy.
I am half an equation.

I am pod. I am capsule.
I am en route to delivery.

I am tickled by kicks that land behind my ribs.
I am forced to stand up abruptly.
I am spilling over with words. I am learning a new vocabulary.
I am open to change. I am unwilling to slow down.

I am never alone.
I am hamster ball.

I am confident. I am bound to make mistakes.
I am incredulous that responsible adults will soon send me home with an infant to care for.

I am vibrating.
I am waves in the ocean. I am wind against the wheat field.

I am the keeper of a generation. I am gripped by fear at random.
I am primal.
I am evolutionary.

I am wrapped around a gift I don't get to keep.
I am prepared only to be surprised.
I am preemptively heartbroken.
I am protective. I am armed for bear.
I am destined for pain.

I am swollen with grace, pride, and water-weight.
I am always in the bathroom.

I am threshold. I am crossroads.
I am arms wide open.
I am time bomb. I am one beat in a universal rhythm.

I am a volunteer. I am selfish and foolhardy.
I am wishing on stars. I am speaking to God.

I am waiting.

I am patient and impatient.

I am, for a little while longer, at least, still...