Want to talk writing? Join me in my latest project...

The Postmasters Podcast: Writing & Life After the MFA

I will be co-hosting this monthly podcast with my good friend and fellow writer, Lacy Mayberry. We met at Lesley University and graduated together with our MFAs in Creative Writing exactly one year ago. Our short Prologue introducing ourselves and the program is already up. Episode 01, The Road to Lesley , will "air" July 1, 2013. Along with being able to listen to each full episode on our website , you can find us and subscribe for free downloads on iTunes!

Together, and in our energetic, enthusiastic style, Lacy and I will:

  • Share our experience as writers who opted to complete a master's program in our field
  • Discuss the practicalities of an active, productive writing life, both before and after obtaining a master's degree
  • Offer our perspective on the low residency experience
  • Research the offerings of classic, full-residency university writing programs
  • Utilize our growing literary network by interviewing colleagues, mentors, role models, and legends, then share those conversations with a wider audience
  • Collect and share information about literary journals, writing retreats and conferences
  • Encourage one another, as well as other aspiring writers
  • Help maintain a positive outlook on an industry which, due to publishing company mergers and the self-publication trend, can sometimes seem daunting and cutthroat
  • Laugh a lot (as we usually do!)

We hope you'll subscribe to the blog for updates. Visit to subscribe via email. You can also Like the Postmasters Facebook page and Follow Postmasters on Twitter . Along with helpful information, encouragement, and interviews with writers at every level of personal success, we'll be doing fun giveaways and other activities which will keep our audience both informed and entertained!

If you're at all interested in the ins and outs of the true writing life, we hope our podcast will be a good resource for you. Check out The Postmasters Podcast today!