Today I am 25 years old.

Upon this quarter-of-a-century mark, I could do something cute like listing 25 things I love about my life. Or I could count my 25 favorite memories. But, having completed a weekend retreat with my Bible study group (10 young women in a cabin for 48 hours) I find that I'm all talked-out. I think I may only have energy for a bottom line idea...

At 25, I am content with my progress and proud of my place.

After all, I've accomplished many of the goals I'd hoped to reach by this point. I graduated from an excellent school, obtained a degree in an area I've always been passionate about, maintained a sound relationship with my immediate family, met and married an incredible guy, launched a career which challenges me daily. Life, as usual, is good.

Still... tomorrow begins another quarter. I want to continue to travel the world. I want to learn another language. I want to continue my riding lessons and walk further with God and make a good meatloaf and finish my novel. I want to earn my Masters in Creative Writing and do volunteer work and hit the gym regularly. I want to watch my nephew grow and learn. I want to fall deeper into love with my adventurous, fun-loving husband every single day.

So tonight, having spent a quiet evening with Jonathan, sharing pizza while engrossed in Gone in 60 Seconds, I think it's worth noting that I am peaceful. Goals are grand, but on a Sunday at 10:45 pm, even on my birthday, I find that my heart is soothed by finding that sweet, protective place under Jon's arm as I snuggle up next to him. This place is an oasis.

Tomorrow I will dive back into the race which I set forth for myself. Tomorrow I'll struggle and yearn and clamber and climb. Tonight I'll simply breathe in sync with my sweetheart, and remember that this journey of ours is far from over... there is so much more fun to have!

And if blogs are not obsolete by then, I hope to be able to re-post this at 50.