little%20audrey.jpg Yesterday some friends cut me a big break. They declared it Audrey Day, and we did things I wanted to do. We went to Casa Orozco, which is probably my favorite restaurant in Livermore. And then we Geocached in downtown Pleasanton, walking up and down Main Street enjoying the beautiful California weather, hunting for little treasures. When it was too cold to continue on, we had dinner and headed for home. We watched The Big Chill (A first for the Youds and Jeremy. A thousandth for Jon and me. It really needs to be viewed a second, third and fiftieth time in order to garner maximum appreciation.), enjoyed Jen's newest concoction, the ever-fabulous Kumquatini (made with official Youd-grown Kumquats ), and hot tubbed. All in all it was very relaxing. A day without frozen pipes or insurance premiums or the word 'tumor' or guilt at the fact that I haven't vacuumed in two weeks. While I doubt that Audrey Day will become an annual thing, I have to say that I will cherish it for quite some time.