audreyhepburn20.jpg I know I haven't posted a thing on here in ages, and I would love to stop and make excuses for myself... but it's truly not worth it. Even now I'm scouring the internet for quotes and pictures to use in my final project, 30% of my poetry grade. And then I have to revise my whole first short story, which I've worked on in the last couple of weeks, but still isn't anywhere near being finished.

My teacher is brutal about the grades on these revisions. If he's seen it once and marked it up, there's no excuse for error after that. I don't think he's counting the fact that some of us have been working so hard that our eyes having begun spinning in opposite directions independent of one another. Think Daffy Duck after he's been hit on the head with an anvil. Sort of how I've been feeling. And then my printer wouldn't work, naturally.

Poor Jon, trying to fix the darn thing while I seethe and stomp around (because I can't do anything else when my hands are tied by technology). In the end I think my project will be nearing completion before bedtime tonight.

It is, however, almost midnight as I take this teensy break to post something resembling anything on my poor, naked blog. June isn't going to be a bountiful word month, I can already tell. But just some quick updates:

Wednesday is my last day of official class at UC Davis.

Wednesday is also my brother's last day in the Marine Corps.

Next Wednesday is my volleyball final. (Four hours of grass vball? I think I'll ace it. Hahahahaha!)

Saturday June 17, 2006 at 2:00pm is when I graduate from college.

Oh boy! Should be a grand day, too. And afterwards my folks are hosting an open house for me, and all the people who are just as relieved and excited as I am that I'm finally, finally done!

Done with Brit Lit and term papers and mid-terms and assigned poetry and character profiles and book reviews and text books and finals and quizzes and office hours and, best of all, that gosh darn flipping 160-mile (RT) commute!!!

Done. Done, I say!

Anyway, that's my five minute break from the cramming of all things creative into the last 48-hours of my life as a UC Davis student. Thank the good Lord it is practically finished.

(By the way, I do think I'll miss school. And I'll say so, too. As soon as I graduate and get some distance from the pressure and the grind. Then I'll think about graduate school or the credential program or... something. *sigh* But not now, baby! Now it's time to enjoy the vacation.)

Wish me luck. Only a few days left.