turkey.gif It would be very cliche for me to make my Thanksgiving Day entry a list of things I am thankful for. But, thankfully, this is my first Thanksgiving as The Girl Behind the Red Door. Hence, I will exercise my right to be cliche for this year only. Who knows? I may run dry before this time next year! Probably not. Just in case, here is my list, completely lacking, though it is, for I could never begin to name all of the blessings in my life. No harm in trying, right?

Both necessary and useful...

* My Jon
* My family
* My job
* My school
* My bed

Sounding selfish? I'll go more general...

* Shelter (and that it's such a cute house!)
* Transportation (Brownwyn first, of course.)
* Health (no cavities, baby!)
* Love
* Charity
* Those who adopt
* Those who rescue doggies and kitties from shelters

Now to think globally...

* President Bush (he makes up words and gets locked into conference rooms, but he is a good man)
* Our troops overseas, and those here
* Our allies
* Technology
* The Internet
* That the fourth terrorist in Jordan couldn't detonate her explosive belt
* Unemployment is down in the U.S.A.
* All the missionaries, ministers, and good people who are spreading both the Word and all the little things others might need.


* Disneyland
* Socks
* Carmex
* Dry cleaning
* Lower gas prices
* Honey on toast
* Knowledge of all kinds (also intangible)

And intangible...

* The kindness of strangers
* Faith and free will
* Liberty
* Holidays like Thanksgiving
* Romance
* Happiness
* Abundance
* Humility

Things the list couldn't be complete without...

* Raindrops on roses
* Whiskers on kittens (especially Disney)
* Bright copper kettles
* Warm, woolen mittens
* Brown paper packages tied up with string

Moving on...

* Baby pictures
* Indian summer
* Washing my hair
* Literacy (both mine and yours, hehe.)
* Sunglasses
* Work ethic
* Smiles
* Mariska Hargitay

May your Thanksgiving be as pretty as a Norman Rockwell painting, and as memorable as you and your loved ones can possibly make it!