teacup.jpg It's like a sick circle. On Monday I collapsed backwards into my bed immediately upon waking up. BAM! I was so sick. I think I called my mom and mumbled something about a cough... a fever... prickles on the bottoms of my feet. That's when I really know I'm sick. The prickles on my heels when I stand up are a dead give away. Anyway, I slept hard. I mean, hard core sleeping. The deep, outrageously deep breathing, the sweat, the uncurled fingers. Beautiful. Okay, I didn't mention the drool. Occasionally during these uber-sleeps I drool. Give me a break. I was sick!

Back to the sick circle. The morning I got sick I found out that my dad had been sick all weekend. We hadn't been in touch at all, though, so that couldn't be it. Oh, and a guy who'd been at the cabin with us this last weekend stayed home sick. But maybe he meant he was 'sick'. Still on the search for the villain who rendered me unconscious.

And then there was everyone else who got sick. The coughing seemed to be everywhere. In my third class on Tuesday the girl three rows back kept blowing her nose. Now I know that some people are going to call me out on the fact that I never blow my nose. That's not true. Sometimes I do. It's just... the Unicorn Effect. You haven't seen it, therefore you think it's not true. I just don't think it's dainty. And you know me; I'm all about the dainty.

Then, last night, I heard that Cindy was sick, too. Not in the 'I hear voices in my head' kind of sick, either. Though she does claim that she can't read a single book without hearing me reading it to her... and analyze it to her... Okay, so the chick is crazy. But there's something undeniably strong about our bond. I do think she made me sick. That's it. I'm blaming Cindy. And I also think there's a very good chance Ames just felt a little chill, a little sneeze, maybe even prickles on the bottoms of her feet. Contagious nothing. Just being related can do it to ya.

Speaking of related, there's a new show on the WB called just that. Related is the story of four sisters, ages 20-30, all living in New York in various stages of life and love, relying on each other to get themselves through and to party with each other when they get there. One episode, the first one, aired tonight. It's just a start, and it needs some polishing, but from the creators of Friends and Sex In The City... I have to say I like this one already.

As I launch into a year of endless Brit Lit and Insurance and Seriousness, finding a few carefree shows in which to lounge is a relief. Friends is over, Gilmore Girls is fading fast, reality TV is lame (not saying I don't watch it... just stating the obvious). Perhaps Related will give me a chance to truly sit back and enjoy the show.

Especially when I'm feeling sick. The circle continues, of course. Mom barely made it through the day at work. Careful, Jon. You could be next! *sneeze*!