bronwen_2.jpg Check out my new baby ! (Don't freak out, people. Look at the picture; be relieved; move on.) Isn't she pretty? I think so, too. Jon and I went on a Labor Day excursion to Gold Country. After "house hunting" (in quotes because we aren't really hunting... just having fun) we stopped at the Sutter's Mill Visitor Center, bought a small chunk of pyrite, a magnet, some ice cream. I tried to fish some gold out of the American River, unsuccessfully. *sigh* But I suppose the high point really was our stop at the Davis Jeep dealership. I'm so happy!

bronwen_1.jpg My beautiful 2005 Jeep Liberty Renegade! Gorgeous! Dark khaki. (Red isn't available for Renegades... and that's the one we really wanted!) So this was my second choice. She's a saucy, sporty brunette. Like me. LOL! After a couple hours of paperwork and haggling, we got a great deal, and I got a terrific car. Er... truck. Well, she deserves more than that unassuming, vague title. Wouldn't you agree. There's only one thing to do. Name her.

I do that. Name inanimate objects. Before I tell you what I decided on... let's go through my process.

Now, I'll admit that I had a gut reaction. Inspired by a favorite old story... but let's move on.

First of all, "dark khaki" is a fancy way of saying "brown". But in all fairness to my darling automobile, she's a very rich and pretty brown. And I'm sure she'd prefer to be called brunette. Thus I ran a list in my head of all the famous brunette women, real and ficticious, I could think of:

Jackie O.
Audrey (as in Hepburn... but that would be seriously vain)
Holly (as in Golightly)
Bette (as in Davis)
Scarlett (O'Hara... but it denoted red)
Keira (Knightely. Love her!)
Mona (Lisa. Too drab.)
Belle (Enough with the Disney names already!)

There were more. But I really, really wanted a name that started with a B. Getting a little specific? Okay, I admit it. However, the heart wants what it wants. So I listed the B names I could think of off the top of my head:

Beverly (too close to Hills 90210)
Betty (Boop. Need I say more?)
Bambi (sounds like a girl's name, but... he was a boy deer!)
Brianna (I know someone named Brianna.)
Becca, Becky (same reason)
Britney (*cough* Spears. *cough* I'd never insult my car like that.)

Apparently I need some expert help. Just a heads-up for everyone, when searching for "name ideas" in the internet, you'll get two responses: baby names and pet names. Since my Jeep is not an animal, I made sure Jon was sufficiently warned before I clicked on No need to give my poor husband a heart attack, right? And I delved in.

Much cooler searching tools here.

A Scandanavian girl's name that begins with B?

Britta. (Like the water purifier?)

The Latin Goddess of War?

Bellona. (My bologna has a first name...)

Name favored by J.R.R. Tolkein?

Bilbo Baggins. (Can't do it.)

Striking out big time. Okay, let's think about this. My car should be an extension of me. Perhaps we can connect by ascribing a name that derives its meaning from one of my (favorable) characteristics or character traits.

Fair skinned?

Bianca (Obnoxious, brainless sister in The Taming of the Shrew.)


Braith (An aboslute veto from the Husband)


Blythe (Not even for Gilbert)

Goodness, what an ordeal! So, you ask, where did we end up? Considering the weight that is about to ride (haha) on my pretty car's shoulders, all I know is that she needs a name befitting her many roles.

Adventure Vehicle - Next stop Yosemite! "Last one to summit is a minivan!"

Sweet Date Ride - *whistle*

Commuter Car - Just to Pleasanton. I'm a working woman, after all.

Transporter - Need help moving? We can actually contribute.

Ya-Ya-mobile - Naturally. YA-YA!

bronwen_3.jpg Tonight I have definitely decided to dub my cute l'il jeepy-dear: Bronwen . Before you burst out laughing (or crying, Mom) remember that I am NOT naming a child. Bronwen is my truck, my pal through thick and thin. It's a Welsh name that means "dark and pure". Convinced? Not yet? Then check this out.
It also happens to be the name that jumped into my head first, yesterday, before the whole naming fiasco began. She was a main character in "How Green Was My Valley", a favorite old movie about a strong family in a turn of the century Irish mining town. Bronwen was an optimist, a cornerstone of the family, the beautiful, quiet, strong, intelligent woman who captured the hearts of an entire family.
Nothing could have been more perfect. Goodnight, Bronwen. Sleep tight!