Being married is beautiful (99% of the time anyway). A while ago I wrote this poem after one of the first times I woke up next to Jon. And it's still true. I hope it always will be (99% of the time anyway).

Morning in Love
Opening my eyes to early morning
And him
A breathing, blue-eyed miracle
With sloping shadowy shoulders
Rising from beneath the blankets
And a strong square jaw
I hold my own breath so as not to wake him
My angel wrapped in sheets
I move towards him
Drawn by the warmth and the rhythm
Of my sleeping love
Oh, I wish I could hold him every morning
Nestled in the crook of his arm
Ear to his heart
Basking in the sigh of early dawn
And kissing his fingertips
Because he is precious to me
In his sleeping entirety
He opens his eyes to me
And we share a smooth, silky moment
Of morning in love